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The all-Australian Swamp Clip Art Collection brings to life the award-winning cartooning of creator Gary Clark. Fed by sludge, the refuse of a modern world, Swamp is home and life to the weird and wonderful characters. Led by Ding Duck, the Sludge Surfing Dump Rats, Wart & Mort Frog, Swamp is a down-to-earth look at a bewildered society thriving in an ever-increasing complex world. This Collection contains dozens of unique Swamp characters in multitudes of positions as well as expressions, props, frames and word balloons for every occasion. Perfect for birthday cards, school projects, school newsletters and anywhere you use clip art. Even use them to create your very own Swamp cartoon strips!


The Swamp Clip Art Collection is ideal for developing the creative ability of children and for motivating and extending readers and writers of all abilities and ages. Product sample image Unleash your creativity! With Swamp Clip Art Collection you can design highly amusing and creative letterheads, publications, school reports and novelty cards. You can even use them to create your very own Swamp Cartoons. Only your imagination is the limit. Multimedia-ready and quality cartoons. The colour versions of the images are perfect for use in school-based multimedia creations. Unlike much of the clip art available today, this collection represents the life’s work of a consummate professional cartoonist. High quality art Gary Clark supplied EdAlive with meticulously drawn originals which have been digitised, cleaned and colourised. The resultant images are of the highest artistic standard. Achieve professional (and fun) results with Swamp Clip Art Collection!

Image Categories

Product sample image Here are just some of the images categories found in the Swamp Clip Art Collection: Air Traffic Control, Ants, Backgrounds, Bludgerigar, Borders, Cartoon Strips, Croc, Duck Army Recruit, Duck Baby, Duck Ding, Duck Flying School, Duck Hunting, Duck Kamikaze, Duck News & Weather, Duck Poultry Squad, Ducks Wild, Flies, Humans, Mort, Mossies, Nit-picker & Croc, Sound Effects, Toads, Turtle & Snail, Word Balloons.


Enhance class worksheets with images that complement teaching text. Many students respond best visually and will be positively impacted by the inclusion of pictures in handouts. Thorough preparation that includes traditional Aussie pics will produce a complete lesson! This extensive clip art collection will help illustrate and enliven a wide variety of educational tasks such as assignments, reports, homework sheets, school newsletters and multimedia creations. Images are also suitable for greeting cards, invitations and other home publishing projects.

Key Features

      • Features

        • Swamp characters, props, frames, word balloons & expressions
        • Multimedia-ready and quality cartoons
        • 800+ black & white and colour images and sample cartoon strips
        • Full printed index
        • Kudo Image Browser

      System Requirements


      Windows 95 or later (including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)

      Other Requirements

      Images are supplied in JPEG (B&W and color) and GIF (B&W) formats for use with all compatible desktop publishing, multimedia, word processing or web authoring application.

    • Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Contributing Artists

About the Artist – Gary Clark

‘Born in Brisbane in 1954 I spent my childhood playing in the creeks and ponds near home in the suburb of the Grange. Near this creek was a tannery with a sludge pond that the fat scrappings from the tanning process washed into. It really stank when the wind blew – you knew you lived near a tannery.’ Product sample image ‘I was inspired to draw as a child by watching my dad draw. He would sit me on his lap and sketch. After high school, my mum suggested I go to Art School for 3 years. I graduated with a certificate in commercial illustration – I was never taught cartooning but I developed my skills while at Art School as I had been doing during my early primary and high school days drawing cartoons in my school pads to amuse friends.’ ‘My first cartoon was published in 1971. It featured in a very small advertisement for security screens. That same year I had a small booklet of cartoons published by the gliding club I belonged to called “Soaring Satire”.’ ‘This interest in cartoons continued while I worked as a layout artist in the advertising department of Myers. In 1974, during a lunch break, I developed the beginnings of a cartoon strip based on my childhood memories of marshy places and wildlife. Several years went by before it was developed enough to sell.’ Product sample image ‘In 1981, my wife sold “The Swamp” strip to its first newspaper. Today, Swamp appears in newspapers throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe and is translated into seven languages.’ ‘It is my wife, Yvonne, and son, Scott, who provide much of the support and inspiration which make Swamp what it is.’ ‘In 1985, I was the winner of the Australian Black and White Artist Club Inaugural Award for Best Comic Strip Artist, and since then have been nominated 14 times, winning the award 7 times. I have had 19 Swamp cartoon collections published here and overseas.’ ‘In 1999, Swamp was proud to be a finalist at the Queensland Export Awards in the category of Arts/Entertainment. We are also pleased to have won the 1999 ABWAC Stanley Award for Best Comic Strip Artist.’


Images for everyone With dozens of unique characters in a multitude of positions and expressions, there is an image for every occasion. You’ll never be stuck for a character to express just the way you’re feeling or what you want to say.

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Product sample image Product sample image
Product sample image Product sample image
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