Classic Spelling Force v2 Download (PC)

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This download is for the classic end-of-life installable version and technical support is no longer available. PC only – not compatible with Apple macOS.

Spelling Force is not currently available as a website.

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Boost your spelling power

Aussie SpellForce v2, features over 9,000 spelling words and loads of motivational fun. Each word has an example sentence, common misspellings to watch out for and a clear Australian voice recording PLUS four spelling games, printable worksheets, Look! Cover! Write! Check! and more! This is extreme spelling action! Motivates and challenges spellers of all ages and abilities!

The complete spelling tutor for home and school!

  • Fun for all: four distinct game styles ranging from code-breaking to arcade action
  • Word lists include phonics, frequency, word-building, thematic – even word origins and homonyms!
  • Addresses all spelling outcomes contained in the Australian Curriculum
  • Simple, kid-friendly animated interface that enhances self-directed learning

The Scenario

Spell your way out of a nuclear disaster playing awesome spelling games with your chosen word list. The games include:

ksf_magThe Magno-Beamer

Catch all the pieces of the damaged space probe (letters) in the Magno-Beamer, then reassemble them in the correct order! Spelling focus: whole word visualisation

ksf_panLaunchpad Panic

The launch pad shields can only be open for a few minutes at a time. Spell the ignition codes before you’re trapped inside! Spelling focus: letter shapes, word shapes & decoding

ksf_xrayX-Ray Emergency

You’re passing through a freak X-ray storm. When you recognise an energy pod’s code, deactivate it before the core is completely exposed! Spelling focus: word shapes

ksf_meltMajor Meltdown

Open each laser gate with the correctly spelt word, and then use your spelling skills to crack the reactor shutdown code and avoid a meltdown! Spelling focus: proofing


The Spelling Lists

At the core of Aussie SpellForce is a series of comprehensive spelling lists built from the overall tally of 9,000+ words. The lists include:

  • Graded Word List – contains a total of 4,500 words arranged in a carefully-graded teaching order
  • DEM (Dorothy E. Miller) Phonics List – 2,300 words in a carefully-crafted phonic progression
  • Word Building List – 1,790 words arranged into lists of word-building families
  • sf_fun4smWord Group List – over 2,500 words arranged in thematic order
  • Frequency List – the 500 most frequently used words in decreasing order of usage
  • Difficult Words List – 600 words that many people find difficult to spell
  • Main List – all available words making a total of 9,000+

Curriculum correlation

Aussie SpellForce fully satisfies the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and the additional requirements of the NSW Syllabus 2014.
Curriculum Matrix

How it works

  • sf_fun5smEach word is used in context in an example sentence, lists common misspellings, and has a clear voice recording
  • Develops mature spelling skills by exploring spelling patterns and rules
  • Learners progress from beginning foundations with words like ‘cat’ and ‘sat’ through to challenges like ‘xenophobia’ and ‘hypoglycaemia’
  • Each list has been carefully graded by experienced teachers to maximise learning

Look! Cover! Write! Check! Module

Look-Cover-Write-CheckDisplays the spelling word on screen while the child “looks” at it. The word is then “covered” while the child “writes” the word by typing it from memory. Once complete, the spelling is “checked” for correctness

  • You can set whether the child or the computer “checks” the correctness of the spelling
  • Parents and teachers can vary the time the word displays for

Key Features

Aussie SpellForce is a comprehensive, integrated spelling tutor that gives you unmatched flexibility and spelling power. It features:

  • Classic Spelling Force v2 Download (PC) -Australian Speech
  • Progress beginning, emerging, struggling and power spellers by selecting spelling content appropriate to their age and stage
  • Target individual needs and design extension and revision programmes using the smart record keeping and progress-monitoring
  • Assist struggling spellers by giving them words appropriate to their level
  • Create custom word lists including weekly school spelling lists. Users can keep multiple lists in their name for access at a later date
  • Generate a ‘words for practice’ list for each user according to progress
  • Teach spelling using the Look! Cover! Write! Check! method
  • Print spelling lists or copy them to your word processor from your own or the in-built spelling lists
  • Create up to seven different types of printable worksheets from your spelling lists including:
    • Classic Spelling Force v2 Download (PC) -Close 1 – Omit Vowels
    • Close 2 – Omit Consonants
    • Close 3 – Omit first and last letters
    • Close 4 – Omit odd numbered letters
    • Close 5 – Omit even numbered letters
    • Jumbled letters
    • Match word with sentence
  • Monitor each student’s progress using smart record-keeping to allow targeting of individual needs for extension and revision

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows
    • Windows XP Service Pack 2, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


  • BESSIE Awards – Best Upper Elementary Spelling Software
  • EDDIE Awards – Best Upper Elementary Language Software
  • Children’s Technology Review – Editor’s Choice