EdAlive Software Club – Members only Specials – Save 50% OFF RRP

Huge Savings for your School Community


The EdAlive Software Club gives parents and teachers access to our high quality resources at greatly discounted prices.

  • The EdAlive educational websites and software combine a wide range of educational activities with great motivational fun.
  • Designed to help children succeed with Maths, Reading, Typing, Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation.
  • They build essential lifetime skills and nurture a love of learning.

Making a small investment now in access to EdAlive websites and software can bring a great return for a family and school community in the future.

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Running the Club is quick and simple

We’ve made the EdAlive Software Club really quick and simple for schools and parents.

  • There is no money to collect
  • All the discounts and transactions happen automatically
  • The websites and software downloads go directly to the parents
  • We have provided a host of materials for schools, teachers and parents to use. The work is all done for you. All you have to do is access the resources and the benefits will start flowing to your community.

To find out more about running the EdAlive Software Club in your community click here.

Sections covered:

The Club gives huge discounts on the following:

ZooWhiz Logo TT-Online_Logo_CMYK-03 EdAlive Software Downloads   Free-Download-800x600-UMIv2-graphic

Families Save:

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Schools Save:

  • Optional FREE School Hours, School Wide Licence for ZooWhiz Online Learning
  • 75% discount on site licences for EdAlive’s network products
  • 50% discount on site licences for Aussie School Fonts Plus
  • 50% discount on school licencing for Typing Tournament Online

Go to your School’s Club Page

What countries?

Although based in Australia the EdAlive Software Club can be accessed by schools and parents from any country in the world.

I trust the EdAlive Software Club helps your family to love learning. All the best,

Graham East

Managing Director – EdAlive



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