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Save up to 80% on high-quality educational software for your family

Through the Club parents receive up to 70% off the RRP of EdAlive Software titles. From time to time we run extra specials with the discount heading all the way up to 80% off!

About the EdAlive Award-Winning Software range

At EdAlive, we build our software knowing that every child’s learning needs are different. We want every child to experience the joy of knowing they can face a learning challenge and know success. Whether struggling or flying, there’s a place for every learner.

The EdAlive range of software for Mac and PC computers is designed to get kids learning and having fun.

  • Ages 5 – 15.
  • Children to progress at their own pace
  • Titles are tightly aligned to the curriculum
  • Target individual learning needs
  • Great for those who need extra help and those who need extra challenge.


To browse our software titles at your Discounted Club Price:

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The EdAlive Software Downloads section features the following series and titles:




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