How the eCSP works for Schools

The EdAlive Software Club for your class or school

You can run the EdAlive Software Club for your class only or for the whole school. The process is the same only on a larger or smaller scale.

Simple steps to implement the EdAlive Software Club

  • Print the Parent Information Leaflet and distribute it to the school community
  • Include a note in your school newsletter
  • Place a link to the EdAlive Software club on your school web site using the your own link or the links located here
  • If you have a class blog then mention the EdAlive Software Club in it. Don’t forget to link to the EdAlive Software Club purchasing page

Actively promote the EdAlive Software Club within your school community

Experience has shown that, in those schools were the teachers actively promote the EdAlive Software Club, the community engages more and the kids ultimately benefit. Use the resources above and actively ensure that parents clearly understand how much they can save and how the software can assist their children with their learning.

What countries?

The EdAlive Software Club can be run in any country in the world. EdAlive is based in Australia but the Internet allows global delivery.

Any questions?

Email us at or give us a call:

  • Australia FREECALL 1800 023 069
  • New Zealand FREECALL 0800 445 115
  • International +61 2 6776 0200


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