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The EdAlive Software Club for your class or school

You can run the EdAlive Software Club for your class only or for the whole school. The process is the same only on a larger or smaller scale.

No cost to your school

There is absolutely no cost to your school for participation in the EdAlive Software Club.

Running the EdAlive Software Club in your school

The Club operates through your school’s unique EdAlive Software Club page.

Go to your School’s Club Page

Four Sections – One Club

There are four sections to the EdAlive Software Club, all accessible through the School’s Club Page:

The Club enables discounted access to all of the titles within it at the same time.

Focus on one section or all at once:

You can choose to focus on the aspect that best fits with your school or class right now or on the entire Club offerings at once. It is up to you.

Go to your School’s Club Page

Actively promote the EdAlive Software Club for success

All that is necessary for you to do is to direct parents to your school’s unique EdAlive Software Club page. There are many ways you can do this. Experience has shown that, in those schools were the teachers actively promote the EdAlive Software Club, the community engages more and the kids ultimately benefit.

Resources that make promotion quick and easy

We’ve created resources for you to use to ensure that parents clearly understand how much they can save and how the EdAlive web sites and software can assist their children with their learning. The Club can be run overall or with a focus on a particular title. The choice is yours.

Resources for Clubs with differing focus

Benefits for your School and School Community

The EdAlive Software Club brings many benefits including discounts for parents and schools on EdAlive resources. The benefits and discounts depend on your school’s support of the Club. For more information see Silver and Gold Levels.

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