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Typing for Life. Any Device.

Kids need to learn to type properly. It’s a life skill

Bad habits start young

Typing is one of life’s essential skills. In this digital world it is so important that children are able to type quickly and accurately. These days children often start using a keyboard on an iPad or tablet computer before they can walk. They just point at the screen and the magic happens. Unfortunately, they are ingraining bad kinetic habits that are very hard to undo. They are hard wiring their brains to the hunt and peck habits of babyhood and ultimately limiting their typing speed.

Typing Tournament is the answer

That’s why learning to type is so important. As soon as possible children need to be using a quality typing tutor like Typing Tournament. It’s fun and easy to use and carefully put together to reverse the wrong memories and create keyboard skills that will last a lifetime.

Typing Tournament Online

We’ve packed Typing Tournament Online with powerful and effective typing progressions and exercises that are fun to complete.

New Online Version

For many years our CD based product “Typing Tournament” has been one of the world’s leading typing tutors but with changing technology it has some limitations. Our new online version is powerful and flexible and works on all devices. It even works on iPads and Android and Surface Tablets.


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