EdAlive in your school

EdAlive software is not only great fun for the kids to use but at the same time it is based firmly on the relevant curricula. It has its core a rigorous academic adherence to sound educational principle and practice.

How we built the titles

When building the EdAlive titles we started by consulting the relevant curricula and reducing the outcomes and objectives to their simplest form. We then built the educational content to concur with this frame-work. Using highly talented educators and creative writers with a great sense of humour we then built the educational activities. The resultant content is of the highest quality that underpins all of our award success.

We put you in control

All EdAlive’s premium titles feature a comprehensive student management system that allows the allocation of individual programmes of work and the tracking and review of their performance. Teachers can either enter student details a child at a time, class by class or as a whole school. Many of our titles feature Integrated User Lists (IUL) that allows the entry for a child to be accessed by multiple programmes, thus greatly reducing the administrative load.

Our premium titles are available in network editions that feature advanced client/server architecture, making it easy to install and maintain on school networks.

EdAlive strives to give children a positive and encouraging learning experience. Our software provides the opportunity for children to learn the essential basics and develop an understanding of more complex concepts. All titles have been developed by experienced education professionals!

Covers a broad range of school subjects

  • Maths: Numeracy, Number Facts & Tables, Number Fundamentals, Measurement, Space, Data & Algebra,
  • Literacy: Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation
  • Reading: Phonics, Phonemics, Text Types
  • Touch Typing
  • School Projects
  • Handwriting Development
  • Music
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