Client/Server Networking

Network editions of EdAlive’s Premium titles (except for Spelling Force)* use our propriety Client/Server architecture.

The EdAlive Server is a small but powerful application that can run on any Windows or Mac computer on the school network. It stores all of the kids records and allows the client software, installed on the computers that the kids use, to access these records. The EdAlive Server software will run on a Windows computer as a Service or an application or on a Windows Server. A copy of the EdAlive Server software comes with each Premium EdAlive title together with the necessary client software for installation on to the kids computers. The Premium titles that use the Client/Server software also feature Integrated User Lists (IUL), a feature which allows a child’s details entered in one programme to appear in another, saving the teacher and network administrator valuable time.

Spelling Force

Spelling Force v2 and Aussie Spell Force v2 also use client/server networking but will not integrate with the other EdAlive Premium titles as they use their own client/server software.

Networking in other EdAlive titles

Some EdAlive titles use Path Based Networking. In this method, the software saves the student’s data directly to a common location on the network. In many situations, this works well, but it can be subject to issues in relation to “write access” where the school network security settings and permissions complicate matters. Titles that use Path Based networking include: The Computer Classroom Series, The Reading for Literacy Series, The Maths Made Easy Series, v1 of Numbers Up Volcanic Panic and v1 of Spelling Force.

* EdAlive titles that use the EdAlive Client/Server networking include: The Version 2 edition of  Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic, Version 1 and Version 2 editions of: Numbers Up! 2 Baggin’ the Dragon, Ultimate Maths Invaders, Typing Tournament, Words Rock! and the entire BRAINtastic! series. The IUL feature is not availalbe in the Version 1 titles.

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