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Typing Tournament

Do your ten tickling talons have the touch-typing talent to triumph at Typing Tournament?

Deploy your dexterous digits to defeat the dreadful dragon! Wield your wiggly weapons to win your way through the Weapons Yard. Slowly march or speedily charge your way through 128 lessons, games and drills in 16 game environments as you make your way across the Shire, through the Village and all the way into the Throne Room of the Castle.

Become a touch-typing titan
with Typing Tournament!

Combining a powerful methodology and sophisticated, adaptive technology, Typing Tournament’s revolutionary tutoring model uses a combination of mastery learning, teaching sequences and games to motivate learning.
Master the important skill of touch-typing by completing challenging drills and fun games – like Dragon Chase, Siege and Powder Keg – designed to teach correct finger placement and build speed and accuracy. Our lessons, games and drills encourage regular repetition of individual muscle movements, which develops muscle memory and builds new neural pathways.
Think you already have what it takes to vanquish the fiery fiend? Take a free test to see how your typing skills shape up.

A fantastic 10-finger typing adventure that delivers a complete typing course

Typing Tournament Online is an entirely web-based, newly-transformed and massively-enhanced version of the brilliantly engaging and multi-award-winning digital typing tutor. We have taken our highly motivational medieval tournament theme, known and loved for many years by students, teachers, schools, home-schoolers and parents the world over, and rocketed it into the 21st century.
Typing Tournament Online combines fun graphics and an engaging storyline with a proven-effective tutoring methodology that has been refined and perfected through years of classroom testing and research. Our revolutionary new Multiple Progressions Model guides learners through a complete 10 finger typing course, delivered incrementally to build skill mastery through repetition and controlled progression.
Each of the 16 levels either introduces the learner to four new keyboard keys and focuses attention on the keys being learned – with a lesson and demonstration, followed by practice drills, embedded games and a progress test – or strengthens the typing skills and reinforces the muscle memory learned so far. Each keystroke forms part of an intentional learning sequence designed to teach you typing skills that will last a lifetime, and each new set of keys may only be attained by meeting carefully-researched parameters for proving proficiency.

Typing Tournament Online - Inside the Levels

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Typing Tournament
Top Features

3 epic maps, 16 exciting locations, 128 unique lessons
Typing Tournament Online is arranged into 16 rooms (or levels) each of which sequentially introduces new keys or strengthens skills. Each Level contains 8 separate didactic elements including a Lesson, a Practice Focus Keys section, 3 Drills, 2 Games and an Exit Test.
Each Element draws from the massive 38,000-word sequenced text resource. Algorithms vary the text drawn into each Element to ensure that each time it is visited the text is new and engaging, helping to keep the user interested. Clear goals, progress certificates and Reward Movies motivate users to complete all Levels and master the skill of 10 finger typing for life.
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16 Levels - unlock higher speed goals

For school users we have locked the Speed Goal for the Level 1 Test (Mountains) is set to 6 WPM and gradually increases Level by Level to 22 WPM for Level 16 (Throne Room)
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Skills development

At the heart of Typing Tournament Online is a vast bank of carefully controlled, precisely Sequenced Text Resources that have been designed to reinforce the learning of the key strokes, build muscle memory and engage the learner.
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Typing Tournament CD Edition Award highlights

2005 Atom Award – Best Instructional/Training Resource, 2007 BESSIE Award, 2007 EDDIE Award, National Parenting Centre Seal of Approval
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