Spelling Force 2

Build Real Spelling Power!

Spelling Force has had a major upgrade adding great new features including:

  • The “Look Cover Write Check” module
    • This entirely new module displays the spelling word on screen while the child “Looks” at it. The word is then “Covered” while the child “Writes” the word by typing it from memory. Once complete the typing is “Checked” for correctness with an on-screen animation. The child’ typing is then compared with the original word
    • Parents and teachers can vary the amount of time the word displays.
  • Printable/copiable word lists
    • Word lists can now be printed (with or without their context sentences) or copied to a word processor program.
  • Printable worksheets
    • Create printable worksheets with or without context sentences
      • Close 1 – Omit Vowels
      • Close 2 – Omit Consonants
      • Close 3 – Omit first and last letters
      • Close 4 – Omit odd numbered letters
      • Close 5 – Omit even numbered letters
      • Jumbled letters
      • Match word with sentence
  • Client/Server Networking
    • New Client/Server networking has been added to give greater networking flexibility. An Spelling Force server is installed on one computer (Mac or Windows) and client copies of Spelling Force are installed on the children’s computers (Mac or Windows). The client copies of the Spell Force communicate with the server to save or retrieve student records and other information including custom word lists.
    • This new networking software is not subject to the same restrictions on networks where security is tight as the older Path Based networking.
    • The old Path Based networking is also retained should schools choose to use it.
    • Note: Aussie Spelling Force uses its own Client/Server software and does not use the EdAlive Server employed by many other EdAlive products.
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