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If your school is planning on upgrading to Windows 7 or 8 or has already done so the Complete EdAlive School Wide Site Licence is your opportunity to upgrade your range of EdAlive titles for complete compatibility with these new environments. No hassles!

Over the years we have made many enhancements and improvements to the EdAlive range to make our software as stable, intuitive and flexible as possible. We’ve added Integrated User Lists to our Premium titles, reengineered the networking in many titles and added a whole host of features and improvements.

In this day of Internet access and online services there is still a great demand for software that installs on PC and laptops. EdAlive is considered a world leader in the Educational Software industry.

To help keep your library of EdAlive titles up to date and to make it possible for you to complete your collection or even to start from scratch we are offering two upgrade paths:

Complete! Unlimited! 60 Title School Wide Licence

Purchase a single school wide licence for all 60 EdAlive titles in one go! If your school already owns licences for some of the titles then you deduct $$$ from the price. The more you own the more you deduct. At the same time we will issue your school with a complete, updated set of software on a USB stick and a single master licence to cover all of the titles. If any of the licences your school holds are less than a school wide licence they will be automatically upgraded to full school coverage! Learn more…

Title by title upgrades

Simply nominate the title you wish to upgrade and we will invoice the school and provide you with the upgraded software at a discounted price that recognises your school’s ownership of the original licence. This option is not as financially efficient as the Complete! Unlimited! School Wide Licence. Learn more…

Graham East – Managing Director EdAlive

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