Deductions for Existing Licences

Which licences qualify for deductions?

If your school holds a multiuser licence of any size (5, 10, 15, 20, 50 or a site licence) of any version of an EdAlive published title then you can deduct $$$ for each qualifying licence. See order form for details. (School Editions covering 2 computers do not qualify for a deduction).

What proof do you require of existing licences?

None. Simply list what you hold on the order form and we will match it on our system.

Can I find out what licences our school holds?

Yes. EdAlive holds a comprehensive listing of over 100,000 licences issued to schools. If you are in doubt as to the licences your school holds please call us and we will supply you with a list.

Any questions please call

If you need any assistance in locating your existing licences or any aspect of the upgrade process please call on 1800 023 069.

Sample school pricing

The following example assumes that the school has <150 students and has a mix of bundles and v1 and v2 licences.

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