NSW – eT4L – Windows 7 upgrade

What’s happening?

  • The NSW DEC has embarked on a migration to a Windows 7 based Managed Operating Environment (eT4L)
  • ICT Coordinators must perform an internal audit of software licences held by the school and only migrate titles for which they have cited a valid licence covering a sufficient number of computers
  • EdAlive has supplied the DEC with the latest editions of all the titles in the EdAlive Complete School Wide Licence. They are in the process of being packaged and made available on the eT4L Universal Desktop as Locally Licensed Software

What should I do to update our EdAlive titles for eT4L?

  • Locate all of your schools’s EdAlive licences or call EdAlive to obtain a listing of the licences your school holds
  • Download the Complete! Unlimited! EdAlive School Wide Licence order form
  • Complete the order form deducting $$$ for each of the licences your school already owns and then place the order with EdAlive
  • We will then send your school their EdAlive Complete! Unlimited! School Wide Licence. This licence supersedes all previous licences combining them into one and gives your school the right to install any of the EdAlive titles listed on it on to any computers at your school
  • Once your school’s computing resources have been migrated to the new eT4L system your schools ICT Coordinator will be able to use the eT4L Universal Desktop to install your EdAlive software on to any eT4L (Windows 7) computer at your school
  • The Complete! Unlimited! EdAlive School Wide Licence will also cover the installation of any of the 60 titles on non-eT4L computers at your school. We include a USB stick containing all the software with the licence so you can use it for these older computers as well.

DEC eT4L Information

For further information regarding eT4L in your school please contact your Regional IT Services Unit directly.

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