The Complete! Unlimited! School Wide Licence

All 60 Titles in ONE – How it works

Our best offer ever! Purchase a single school wide licence for all 60 EdAlive titles in one go.

If your school already owns licences for some of the titles then you deduct $$$ from the price. The more you own the more you deduct.

We will issue your school with a complete and updated set of software on a USB stick and a single master licence to cover all of the titles. If any of the licences your school holds cover less than the whole school they will be automatically upgraded to full school coverage!

What’s included?

  • Perpetual licence for all 60 titles with no annual renewal fee or per child fees
  • One USB stick containing all of the software for all 60 titles with school and/or network editions where appropriate – See full list for details
  • Latest updated software with all bug fixes and enhancements
  • Zip up folder containing the licence, USB stick and the EdAlive Software Guide
  • Replacement or extra USB stick available. Add $99

How does this help our school?

  • Software audits are a breeze with the one licence covering all 60 titles
  • Consolidate all your EdAlive licences into one superseding the easily misplaced individual licences
  • Windows 7 and 8 compatibility ensures that these outstanding EdAlive titles will continue to run on the computers at your school for many years to come

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