Title by title upgrades and replacements

Another way

For schools that do not wish to take advantage of the Complete! Unlimited! EdAlive School Wide Licence offer we are able to upgrade or renew licences for EdAlive titles on a title by title basis.

Upgrade the software

If you have an old version of an EdAlive published title then you can upgrade the software.

Replace the Licence

If your school’s licence has been misplaced we can issue you with another. Cost $10.

Replace the media set

If your school’s CD on which the software for your title came has been misplaced we can issue you with another. Cost $20.

Purchase missing titles

You are able to purchase full School Wide Licences for any or all of the EdAlive titles however this quickly becomes a more expensive option than the Complete! Unlimited! School Wide Licence.

Please contact us for upgrade prices

To arrange a title by title upgrade please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

FREECALL 1800 023 069

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