ZooWhiz operation terminated

ZooWhiz logoPublication of ZooWhiz (www.zoowhiz.com) terminated

Zoowhiz.com was published in 2011. it was the first of EdAlive’s Online Learning websites. Unfortunately it used Flash based technology and was decommissioned in February 2021 and ceased operation.

The spirit of ZooWhiz lives on

Much was learnt by the EdAlive team in the creation of ZooWhiz. This knowledge and experience laid the foundation for the current range of EdAlive Online Learning websites. These new websites are fully HTML delivered and integrate through EdAlive Central. In particular the word skills content is now in Words Rock Online, the maths content is in Baggin the Dragon Maths Online and the reading content is in Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online. For more details see our migration chart.

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ZooWhiz GiraffeHighlights of ZooWhiz. R.I.P

Automated teaching, assessment, reporting, learning support & extension all in one!

  • The intelligent online learning system that automatically adapts to each child’s learning needs.
  • For children aged 4 – 15
  • Extensive coverage of maths, word skills and reading
  • Contains over 17,000 carefully sequenced educational activities
  • Creates fully differentiated individual learning pathways with ease
  • Direct one-to-one correlations between each activity, children’s results and your local curricula
  • Fully encapsulates the precise structure and terminology of your local curricula
  • Create tests and precisely analyse the results
  • Motivates and liberates children to learn, and empowers educators
  • Facilitates assessment, extension and learning support
  • Set homework, class pre and post tests and exams using dedicated Content Selections
  • One simple but incredibly powerful easy-to-use system

ZooWhiz OrangutanZooWhiz is in a league of its own

All the parts of ZooWhiz work together to complement each other delivering a learning system of unparalleled power, elegance and simplicity.

  • Its flexible and incredibly powerful and incisive reports correlate precisely with the included curricula
  • Propels each child along their unique learning pathway motivated by the fun of the zoo and arcade games and the challenge of the activities and the feedback they receive
  • Its power is cloaked with simplicity
  • Sound Support for the lower years allows younger users and ESL students to work independently as if they had an adult to read along with them

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