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Baggin’ the Dragon Maths brings Free Maths for All. It provides a comprehensive, entirely free platform aimed at enriching mathematical learning. Catering to all – students, home educators, teachers, and institutions – it is a Google ad-free, uninterrupted learning experience. When using Baggin’ the Dragon Maths for free you have full unhampered access to all the content, reporting, and the powerful adaptive learning system that individualised student instruction. It is not built on the freemium model where you pay for access to extra critical function and content. It is entirely free for users from all around the world.

With Baggin’ the Dragon Math free for all, students everywhere can make incredible maths progress without access to expensive online learning systems.

Help us grow the vision

Let others know of the power of Baggin’ the Dragon Maths by spreading the word about this incredible educational resource that offers free maths for all. With Baggin’ the Dragon Maths, access to high-quality math learning materials is no longer limited by financial constraints. This revolutionary platform provides a wide range of interactive lessons, engaging activities, and comprehensive tutorials, making it accessible to learners of all ages and backgrounds. By promoting the concept of free maths for all, we can break down barriers to education and empower individuals worldwide to become math whizzes. So, join us in the vision and share the transformative impact of Baggin’ the Dragon Maths today!

Tech Support

Comprehensive tech support is available through and includes a knowledge base, manuals, and videos. In-person tech support for schools is available at reasonable rates if required. 

Note: Erinzan Pty Ltd trading as EdAlive reserves the right to revoke free access to Baggin’ the Dragon Maths at any time and for no reason.