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Free Maths
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Free maths for all

Baggin’ the Dragon Maths brings Free Maths for all. It provides a comprehensive, entirely free platform aimed at enriching mathematical learning. Catering to all – students, home educators, teachers, and institutions – it is a Google ad-free, uninterrupted learning experience.

When using Baggin’ the Dragon Maths for free you have full unhampered access to all the content, reporting, and the powerful adaptive learning system that individualises student instruction. It is not built on the freemium model where you pay for access to extra critical function and content. It is entirely free for users from all around the world.

With Baggin’ the Dragon Math free for all, students everywhere can make incredible maths progress without access to expensive online learning systems.

Build maths power & problem-solving strategies

Baggin’ the Dragon Maths is the expansive maths programme that harnesses the power of automated Adaptive Learning to build solid maths foundations and transform each student into a mathematical thinker and problem solver.

It ensures that students are always working at their optimal learning level whilst building maths power and problem-solving strategies. All the while the kids are having so much fun, they don’t even know they are learning!

This revolutionary platform provides a wide range of interactive lessons, engaging activities, and comprehensive tutorials, making it accessible to learners of all ages and backgrounds.

It covers: Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication • Division • Fractions • Percentages • Ratio & Proportion • Numeration • Shape • Space • Measurement • Geometry • Data • Statistics • Graphs • Probability • Patterns • Algebra

Help and Tech Support

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Terms and Conditions

Although access to Bagging the Dragon Maths is free conditions to its use apply. Learn more.