EdAlive Online Learning

Boost Your Kids' Learning​

Fun, effective and personalised learning for students aged 5 to 15 years built on 30 years’ experience, validated by comprehensive research.

EdAlive Online Learning

Automated Adaptive Learning

An intelligent, dedicated tutor, continually monitoring and personalising the learning progression of each student.

Curriculum linked

Each activity is carefully mapped to specific learning outcomes in major curricula across the English-speaking world.

Powerful reports provide teacher insights

Every app provides a wealth of real-time information on your students’ activity and progress.

Learning boosts quantified by research

Students progress well in advance of the chronological norm, evidenced by years of student data.

Significant learning boosts

Powerful online learning for your school that’s quick & easy to use. Maths, reading, punctuation, grammar and spelling skills mapped to your curricula.

EdAlive Online Learning

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EdAlive Online Learning

Help for Homeschoolers

Comprehensive help for the demanding task of educating your children at home. Find out how to make your job easier (and more fun)!