Research quantifies significant learning boosts

Up to 12 months progress in just one term!

Research shows that with just one lesson a week classes:

Dr Lindsay Brash at desk-Enhanced

Dr Lindsay Brash - Researcher at EdAlive

Our research activities

As part of our team EdAlive has been fortunate to have the resources of Dr Lindsay Brash who has an extensive background in data analysis and industry based research. Lindsay has been tasked with the analysis of the learning taking place using EdAlive’s websites. His work shows how each website is operating under real-world conditions and against everything that students can throw at it.

Amazing results

The results that Lindsay has uncovered are truly impressive and clearly demonstrate that students using the EdAlive Online Learning websites are progressing well beyond normal term-by-term expectations.

The results of this research also fuel continuous improvement and development to make incremental changes to make the EdAlive websites even more efficient learning tools.

Minimal teacher supervision

The Adaptive and Mastery Learning systems built into the EdAlive Online Learning websites mean that busy teachers don’t have to continuously monitor and adjust the learning level for students. The websites automatically self-level liberating teachers from having to curate the content for each student. Differentiated learning is automatic and fully individualised-