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Teaching Your Students From Home

Over the past month, teachers across Australia have been rushing to prepare their students with the necessary tools to work from home. Mass producing packets,

Fine-grained curriculum correlation

Direct activity-to-outcome links between all content and curricula All 17,000+ educational activities in the EdAlive online learning websites are directly linked one-to-one with specific, fine-grained

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Coronavirus eLearning Help

The EdAlive team are here to assist Automated Adaptive Learning websites. Ideal for disrupted times. 35 years of experience. Unprecedented times In a matter of

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Mooted standards based test for VCE

VCE students to face minimum literacy, numeracy standards under proposed shake-up Victorian students could face another test in order to finish secondary school, with the

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WACE Requirements

The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) The WACE is awarded to senior secondary school students who satisfy its requirements. Achievement of a WACE signifies

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The Growing Imperative for Typing Skills

Good Typing Skills are Becoming More and More Critical Community and educational expectations regarding the necessity of teaching typing skills are changing rapidly.  In the