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The EdAlive team are here to assist

  • Automated Adaptive Learning websites.
  • Ideal for disrupted times.
  • 35 years of experience.

Unprecedented times

Coronavirus eLearning Help »In a matter of weeks, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused disruption to education around the world. 

Here in Australia is clear is that there will be major disruption to schooling. Australian Educators must take swift and decisive action to leverage alternative teaching methods including online learning to keep students engaged from home. 

EdAlive’s friendly team is here to help

Corona Virus and EdAlive products

We know that many schools are looking for assistance with online learning at this time. With 35 years of experience in eLearning we are here to aid and assist at this critical time. Give us a call today. We can give you a one-on-one walkthrough of any or all of our websites and organise a free trial to get you up and going immediately.


Automated Adaptive Learning is the key

Most online learning systems require teachers to closely monitor and adjust the activities to manage the flow of material to the students. The Adaptive and Mastery Learning systems at the heart of all EdAlive websites are liberatingly simple to use. Teachers don’t even have to set the starting level for the students. The Adaptive Learning system automatically levels them and then keeps adjusting the content.  Students using EdAlive adaptive learning websites are able to progress with minimal supervision. They are ideal for home learning in such uncertain times.

The EdAlive Central digital learning platforms:

  • Automatically create and manage individualised learning pathways for each student.
  • Corona Virus kickMotivate and engage students in learning through fun.
  • Require little or no supervision from teachers.
  • Low bandwidth requirements make the websites ideal for use from home.
  • Are quick and simple to set up with little staff training required.
  • Fully Curriculum Correlated ensuring educational integrity.
  • Together the websites comprehensively cover Maths, Reading, Words Skills and Typing for ages 5 – 15.
  • Use school subscriptions from home or school.
  • Australian owned and operated family business
  • Build your school’s resilience and flexibility

In challenging times you need nimble systems that are able to adapt to confront unforseen challenges in the delivery of your teaching.

The use of EdAlive Central Online Learning websites with your students will build flexibility and resilience into your capacity to facilitate learning both within your school and the homes of your students. Regardless of the impact of the Coronavirus, students will be able to learn anywhere, anytime, both now and in the future.

The EdAlive Central online learning websites:

Typing Tournament Online

Teaches Typing for Life: A complete, 10-finger typing course • Animated Lessons • Games • Drills • Graded Tests

Maths Invaders Online

Rapid-Fire Tables and Number Facts: Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication • Division • Fractions • Decimals • Percentages • Numeration • Counting • Squares • Square Roots • Powers • Directed Numbers

Words Rock Online

Grows Word-Smart kids!: Hands-on activities for: Spelling • Grammar • Punctuation • Vocabulary • Pre-Literacy

Baggin’ the Dragon Maths Online

Mastering Maths: Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication • Division • Fractions • Percentages • Ratio & Proportion • Numeration • Shape • Space • Measurement • Geometry • Data • Statistics • Graphs • Probability • Patterns • Algebra

Volcanic Panic Reading Online

Build reading skills to unlock life’s treasures!: Phonemes • Phonics • Comprehension • Simple to advanced Texts


Graham East in Circle 3

Together we can partner to ensure that no child is disadvantaged or left behind.


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Graham East – Managing Director



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