FREE Typing Tip Posters

Use these Free Typing Tip Posters in your classroom or homeschool program to engage and motivate your students and help them learn the vital skill of touch typing. Kids who can type have a clear advantage in their ongoing education and in life.

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Download these FREE Typing Tips posters to jazz up your classroom and help you to focus on teaching the crucial concepts that underpin good typing technique. 

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Free Typing Tip Poster #1: Posture is important!

  • Sit properly on your chair
  • Adjust your chair
  • so that your feet are flat on the floor.
  • Keep your head straight.
  • Your back should be straight.
  • Use a backrest
  • to support the natural curve of your spine.
  • If your feet don’t reach the floor, use a footrest.

Free Typing Tip Poster #2: Posture is important!

  • Wrists flat, not resting on a support.
  • Curve your fingers slightly. Don’t bounce your hands.
  • Keep your arms straight.

Free Typing Tip Poster #3: Posture is important!

  • Look straight ahead.
  • If you have a laptop computer:
    • EITHER use a laptop stand and a second keyboard
    • or attach a separate monitor and keyboard to your laptop.

Free Typing Tip Poster #4: Posture is important!

Is this you? – The don’t file

  • Don’t slouch.
  • Sit properly.
  • Keep your back and neck straight.
  • Don’t strain your eyes. Make sure you have proper lighting.
  • Overhead lighting is best.
  • Don’t stay glued to the computer for hours.
  • Get up and walk around the room every 20 minutes. Give your eyes a rest and stretch your body.

Free Typing Tip Poster #5: Posture is important!

  • Get set up and keep on working.
  • Do you need assistance to set things up correctly?
  • Ask a parent or teacher to help you get ready to type.

Free Typing Tip Poster #6: Ready Set Go!

  • Ready: Sit up straight.
  • Set: Put fingers on the home row keys.
  • GO: Start typing at a steady pace.

Free Typing Tip Poster #7: The Keyboard

  • Pathways for your fingers

Free Typing Tips Poster #8: Typing is all good!

Save time on:

  • School assignments
  • Social media posts
  • School projects
  • Online tests
  • Emails
  • Essays
  • Story writing

Master the vital skill of 10 finger typing. You’ll get your work done so much faster and have more free time!

Free Typing Tips Poster #9: Keep calm and carry on typing

Free Typing Tips Poster #10: Keep your eyes on what you are typing.

Looking at your keys while you are typing breaks your rhythm, slows you down and causes errors.

Free Typing Tips Poster #11: Quirky QWERTY Facts 1

  • The first 6 letters on the top row of the keyboard are QWERTY.
  • The most frequently typed letters in English in order of popularity are ‘e’, ‘t’ and ‘a’.
  • The spacebar is the most typed key on the keyboard being used between each word.
  • The 10 most common words typed in English in order of popularity are: the, be, to, of, and, a, in, that, have, I.
  • The word “qwertyuiop” which is the top row of the QWERTY keyboard, was the first word sent by email and now appears in the Oxford
  • English Dictionary.
  • When typing, the fingers travel approximately 1 mile (1.6 kms) for every 10,000 words.

Free Typing Tips Poster #12: Quirky QWERTY Facts 2

  • When typing, slow and accurate is better than fast and sloppy.
  • We measure typing speed in Words typed Per Minute (WPM).
  • You have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. Use them all on the right keys to be your fastest.
  • Many people only use nine fingers when typing as they use only one thumb  for the space bar.
  • For poor typists, the second most commonly used key is the backspace key as it is constantly need to correct errors.
  • A good typing speed is 40 WPM. With practice and by using the right fingers on the right keys most typists can achieve this speed.

Free Typing Tips Poster #13: Typing Timeline – The History of Typing

  • 1440 Gutenberg printing press
  • 1714 Henry Mill’s Machine for transcribing letters
  • 1867 Prototype type writing machine
  • 1873 Sholes and Glidden typewriter
  • 1875 Remington No 1 typewriter
  • 1877 Remington No 2 with QWERTY Keyboard
  • 1935 IBM Electric Typewriter Model 1
  • 1952 IBM Selectric with type ball
  • 1976 Apple 1 computer
  • 1978 Olivetti electronic typewriter
  • 1984 IBM Model M Keyboard
  • 2004 Typing Tournament CD version
  • 2010 iPad 1
  • 2016 Typing Tournament Online

Free Typing Tips Poster #14: Typing Speeds

WPM = Words per Minute. For the purpose of calculating typing speed it is commonly assumed that the average length of a word is 5 characters plus the space between words.

  • 40 WPM: The speed most adult 10 finger typists can achieve
  • 80 WPM: The minimum speed achieved by accomplished typists
  • 150 WPM: The highest average typewriter typing speed maintained over 50 minutes by Barbara Blackburn
  • 212 WPM: Barbara Blackburn’s peak typing speed
  • 216 WPM: The world’s fastest recorded typing speed using a typewriter achieved by Stella Pajunas-Garnand
  • 270 WPM: Peak speed often achieved by sprint typists in typing competitions using computer keyboards


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