eSafety and Security for schools

Save Cloud logoSafe and secure

From their inception, all of the EdAlive Online Learning websites have been designed with privacy, security and eSafety in mind. This rock-solid design and our long heritage as publishers of elearning solutions combine to give you peace of mind. 

When using a school subscription to an EdAlive website you can be confident that the data relating to the students in your care is private, safe and secure. 

st4s logo and words.1ST4S Privacy and Low Risk Security Assessment

All of the EdAlive Online Learning websites including Typing Tournament OnlineMaths Invaders OnlineWords Rock OnlineBaggin’ the Dragon Maths Online, and Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online  have  easily met the minimum standards for the  new ST4S (Safer Technologies 4 Schools) privacy and security assessment. 

Typing Tournament Online is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

EdAlive’s Online Learning websites (Baggin’ the Dragon Maths, Math Invaders, Typing Tournament, Volcanic Panic Reading Success, and Words Rock) are certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program. To learn more, click on the seal or go to 

To earn the kidSAFE endorsement each of the websites is assessed for:  

  • Safety measures for chat, community, and social features 
  • Rules and educational info about online safety 
  • Procedures for handling safety issues and complaints 
  • Parental controls over child’s account 
  • Age-appropriate content, advertising, and marketing 

2 Factor AuthenticationTwo-Factor Authentication

Parents and teachers can elect to turn on our Two-Factor Authentication which adds an extra layer of protection to accounts so that even if a Password were to become compromised your mobile phone would still be needed to authorise access to your Teacher account. 

AdministrationPrivacy through Administrator level control

Each School Account can have one or more Administrators whose role it is to perform bulk management tasks for the School and to ensure the privacy of the Students by limiting each Teacher’s access to only the Classes and Students they are responsible for. 

Teachers can only manage and see the details of Classes created by themselves or allocated to them by a School Administrator. A Teacher who has been assigned to a Class can see the names of other Teachers assigned to the same Class but none of that other Teacher’s other details. They are also unable to add or remove other Teachers from the Class.

Holding HandsWorking with Children and Police Checks

All EdAlive staff have been subject to their Australian State’s Working With Children Check and National Police Checks. 

High StandardBest practice internal standards and controls

EdAlive operations conform to best practice security and privacy principles based on Australian Signals Directorate’s ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) guidelines to ensure that student and teacher data is safe and secure. Amongst many others, these guidelines help ensure that we: 

  • Maintain an ISO 27001 compliant ISMS (Information Security Management System).
  • Perform regular security and privacy reviews, updates and testing.
  • Meet specific maturity levels of the Essential Eight” mitigation strategies. 
  • Conduct regular Cyber Security Awareness training.

Cyber BullyingCyber-bully free environment

Students are unable to communicate with each other or with adults via any of the EdAlive Central websites, rendering it impossible for inappropriate communications to occur. 

Icon $No third party ads or asking for money from students

No Google ads, no third-party advertising banners, no ability for outside parties to display material on a child’s screen, no in-app purchases targeting students. 

ReduceFlexible, minimal requirement for student information

  • Limits the display of personal information to protect a Student’s identity. 
  • Use as little as one letter in the Student’s firstname field or a pseudonym, enter a single letter or the whole surname.
  • Use of a Student’s lastname is entirely optional. 
  • Student IDs may be added to assist with class management but are only visible within the School by the Student’s Class Teacher and any Teacher at that school with School Administrator status

Parent and child iconParent information not required

Accounts created by School-Based subscriptions do not require or collect any information regarding the parents of students.

Roman No 3No access to student data by third parties

  • Student data cannot be viewed by third parties including other Teachers within the School unless these Teachers are directly assigned to the Class or have Administrator status.
  • There is no access to Student data by any third parties outside the school staff authorised by the Administrator.

Network storage IconData storage and transfer

Privacy Policy IconPrivacy Policy