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Mrs Days Class wins under s silly faces
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Visiting winners for the Maths Challenge

In November we visited schools to see how they use Adaptive Learning in Maths Invaders. Adaptive learning tests a child’s abilities in maths and then

Richmond Primary School
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Richmond Primary School blitzes maths skills

Mrs Tertipis’ Year 5/6 class from Richmond Primary (SA) completed 91,328 Maths Invaders questions during the Maths Invaders Maths Challenge. This is a massive result.

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Maths Invaders

Graham East Heads North

Our CEO, Graham East, recently travelled from our humble home in Armidale, New South Wales to visit various Queensland schools to obtain staff and student

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Emmaville Kids Love Maths Invaders Online

Emmaville Central School – Friday 24th August 2018 Thanks to Ms Alicia Cubis from Emmaville Central School and the enthusiastic group of children who hosted