Rowena Public School - 22nd June 2021

Rowena Public School 4
Rowena Public School - 660 Kms NW of Sydney

It’s quite a drive out to Rowena Public School located just south of the Queensland Border and some 660 Kms NW of Sydney. The long drive was well worth it for Graham to see the school using Typing Tournament so earnestly in Georgia Brown’s Year 5/6 class.

It was great to see the high number of students using the correct fingering on the keyboard. Sometimes we find that the students are using the keyboard with little supervision and when this happens then many of them hunt and peck instead of using the right fingers on the right keys. Georgia is a 10-finger typist and a feature of the lesson was her modelling of correct typing technique.

The students were able to give Graham great feedback in relation to the newly released “Pacer” feature in the Typing Tests. Overall the children felt that it helped and some of the students made suggestions as to how it could be improved further.

The class also took the opportunity to try out some of the other EdAlive Online Learning websites.

Thanks to Georgia for hosting Graham’s visit and to the students for their helpful feedback.