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Powerful online learning for your school that’s quick & easy to use. Maths, reading, punctuation, grammar and spelling skills mapped to your curricula.

Learning boosts quantified by research

Students progress well in advance of the chronological norm—up to 12 months' progress in just one term—evidenced by years of student data.

Adaptive learning saves you time

Automated adaptive learning provides differentiation and individualised progression for each student leaving you free to focus on results. Centralised set-up and administration applies across all EdAlive websites.

Outstanding value for money

Each online learning resource is a high value, low cost price leader; choose All App Access (AAA) for big discounts and save thousands of dollars a year.

Sound educational theory - stellar results

In the educational literature it is well-established that learning is more efficient when a concept is learned and practised over several sessions (“spacing”) rather than being hammered in one session (“massing”). Our research shows that many online learning systems focus on massing to the detriment of learning.

The EdAlive Online Learning websites focus on spacing rather than massing, embedding learning in fun and fully individualised instruction. This sound educational design is one of the core reasons that students using the EdAlive websites make such remarkable learning progress.

Evidence-based results

Research quantifies significant learning boosts: up to 12 months’ progress in just one term!

Tight curriculum integration

All content has been mapped to your curricula and directly linked to specific learning outcomes so you can determine exactly what learning areas are being addressed by students.

Research-based development

Educational design directed and validated by research. Ongoing development of our products follows evidence-based best practice.

EdAlive Online Learning - Stellar Results

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