Learning and Educational Content

Targeted Learning for Each and Every Student

The educational content at the heart of the EdAlive Online Learning websites has been purpose built to empower parents and teachers to help children love learning. This quality educational content is embedded in the powerful, flexible, easy-to-use EdAlive Online Learning environments that put teachers and parents in control. It enables them to engage and motivate students and deliver totally automated, differentiated instruction for each and every child.

Educational Content covered across the EdAlive Websites

Educational Content

The EdAlive Online Learning websites contain a vast quantity of high quality educational content. Together they give comprehensive coverage of maths, word skills, reading and typing for students aged 4 to 15+

Each and every activity and their organisation is intentional:

Engaging Qualities of the EdAlive Educational Content

Learning and Educational Content » Educational Content

Fully Individualised Instruction

The EdAlive Online Learning websites create fully individualised learning pathways for each student.

The EdAlive Adaptive and Mastery Learning Systems

Enables automated, fully individualised, differentiated learning.

The EdAlive websites are powered by a mix of Mastery Learning and automated Adaptive Learning Systems that optimises the learning progressions for each student. This incredible capability means that students are always completing content that is just right for them.

Ongoing Content Creation and Improvement