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Build Maths Fact Fluency

Build comprehensive maths processing power, maths fact fluency and automaticity.

Times Tables • Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication • Division • Fractions • Decimals • Percentages • Numeration • Counting • Squares • Square Roots • Powers • Directed numbers and more!

A Multifaceted Maths Resource

Maths Invaders is a resource of unparalleled power and capacity for teachers of mathematics. It is concurrently:

No other maths teaching program packs so much into such an easy to use and motivational system. Its focus on developing critical maths facts and computational maths skills is laser sharp and incredible value for your school.

Not only does Maths Invaders teach tables and maths facts through repetition and sequencing but it also develops mental maths agility and fluency, and teaches mental maths patterns, tricks and strategies that will stay with a student for life.

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Girl playing Math Invaders

Years K – 10

Maths Invaders starts with kindergarten-level counting and simple addition then builds up to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables all the way to challenging Year 10 calculations including powers and square roots.

Throughout this journey it comprehensively covers computational maths and fosters a mathematical mindset.

Motivational, Challenging and Fun

The fast and furious games engage and motivate students to master mental maths. Maths Invaders includes three powerful games to build math fact agility: Maths Invaders, Space Rescue and Galactic Campaign.

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Learn More

Packed full of innovative features that motivate students to learn as well as making teaching easier.

Fully Interactive, Real-time, Multiplayer Game With Adaptive Learning

The Space Rescue game embedded in Maths Invaders is powered by the advanced EdAlive Multi-Topic Adaptive Learning System which automatically creates and maintains individualised learning pathways across multiple topics for each student.

This automated progression frees teachers from the tedium of managing their students’ progress. This way teachers can focus on helping students with their reading skills rather than manually adjusting learning levels.

Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders
Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders

Quick Summary

Defender Level

The Defender Level is an innovative motivational system designed to engage students.

Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders
Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders

Unlimited Printable Practice Worksheets

An unlimited number of printable practice worksheets can be generated either by a student as they work or by a teacher from the teacher management module. Each worksheet is specific to the one of the 118 topics or, if required the 850 subtopics. The questions for each worksheet are generated on-the-fly meaning that each worksheet is unique and the number of variants unlimited. Correct answers and fulfilled curriculum correlations are appended to the bottom of each worksheet.

Powerful Progress Reports

Stories From Users

Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders
More about adaptive learning
More about adaptive learning
More about adaptive learning

Maths Invaders CD Edition Award highlights

Maths Invaders is built on the rich, multi-award-winning pedigree of the original Maths Invaders CD Edition. It has been upgraded and transformed to create a hugely powerful maths mastery and adaptive learning system!

EdAlive Central is the powerful platform underpinning all EdAlive websites that streamlines and centralises the admin side of things.

Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders
Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders

You can be confident

Like all EdAlive online learning websites, Maths Invaders:

Maths Content and Fluency

Massive math content that builds maths fact fluency

Massive Math Content

Ages 5 to 15+

Quickly builds essential maths fact fluency and automaticity.

Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders
Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders

Curriculum Correlation

Each of the 850 subtopics has been correlated against specific outcomes for the following curricula.

The individual correlations are accessible from the teacher management module and are displayed wherever the topics and subtopics occur in Maths Invaders including all relevant printed reports and worksheets. This tight integration between Maths Invaders and the curricula allows teachers to use Maths Invaders to target skills by outcome and use students’ achievements as evidence of mastery of an outcome.

Designing Maths Invaders

The Maths Invaders design team started by de-constructing the teaching of computational maths into a series of 851 carefully sequenced activity types. We then programmed 851 individual algorithms to create an endless stream of questions for each of the activity types. The questions generated are fed into the Maths Invaders game and appear in the waves of descending invaders.

Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders
Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders

What is tables and number facts fluency?

Tables and number facts fluency is the quick and effortless (automatic) recall of basic math facts from long-term memory without conscious effort or attention. Every child should instantly recall that 6 x 8 = 48 without counting on their fingers on in their heads. Table (maths fact) fluency is an essential life skill that should be achieved before a child leaves primary (elementary) school.

Why is tables and number facts fluency important?

Thinking mathematically requires the use of our working memory. If we have not achieved automaticity with our tables and number facts then we must use our working memory to calculate the tables and number facts at the same time as we are thinking mathematically. This extra mental load slows us down and can overwhelm our mental capacity. When we have mastered our tables they are recalled instantly leaving our working memory free to work mathematically. Students who don’t have immediate recall of tables and number facts spend much of their time on basic computations instead of learning higher order maths skills.

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Sunday 5th March to Saturday 11th March (the week before NAPLAN Online)

The Maths Invaders game

Save the planet from waves of descending maths questions! Only the correct answers will stop them. If you run into the invaders or they get to the bottom of the screen, you’re INVADED!

At the heart of Maths Invaders is the fast-paced Maths Invaders game. Students can complete over 1,800 maths questions per hour. That’s one every 2 seconds! No other maths game we know of gives so much maths practice in so little time!

Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders

Space Rescue

Space Rescue is a real-time interactive multiplayer game with adaptive learning

Players are on a mission to rescue stranded ships that are lost in space. The winner is the player who earns the most points – so look out for bonus points as you scan for lost ships!

Galactic Campaign

Galactic Campaign is a mastery learning system that automatically guides students through 128 carefully graded Steps covering 10 years of maths.

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Maths Challenge

Participate in the FREE Maths Challenge and give your class a great opportunity to build rapid fire number fact skills. 

Motivate your class to work with the Maths Challenge

Participation in the FREE Maths Challenge will give your class a great opportunity to build the vital skill of maths fact fluency. It will also give you an opportunity to trial Maths Invaders

Schools with an existing subscription or Trial just keep working. Those schools yet to engage with Maths Invaders simply start a FREE Trial here.

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When is the next Maths Challenge to be held?

There will be a Maths Challenge during Term 2 2023. Date to be announced closer to the event.

How does the Maths Challenge work?

Each week, the Maths Invaders Leaderboard calculates and displays in rank order, the total number of questions answered correctly for each class broken down by country, state and age group. At the end of the designated Maths Challenge week we will award Gold, Silver and Bronze status to Australian schools on an age group basis. Since the results will be displayed on the Leaderboard classes ranking lower than a 1st, 2nd or 3rd position can still see their rank and celebrate accordingly.

In-school competition

The Leaderboard allows users who are logged in to see the ranking of classes within your school allowing you to recognize achievement in your local context too.

What About Awards?

Teachers and School Administrator can print Maths Challenge Certificates for their students after logging in and viewing the leaderboard for their school. They simply click on the  icon next to the class!

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Getting started for schools with existing subscriptions or current Free Trials

Simply keep working. Each correctly answered question by a student in any one of your classes will count towards the weekly total. Join up as many classes as you can and compete within your school as well!

To compete for FREE – start a FREE Trial:

Notes: We employ standard deviation filters to ensure that results that are atypical for a student are discounted and not used for the calculation of class results. This methodology assumes that each student will build their skills in a progressive manner and guards against the possibility of others with higher skills artificially inflating a student’s result by working in their account.

Use the lead up weeks to prepare

Start using Maths Invaders right now to prepare the students for a final push in the Challenge Week. From 1 class to the whole school – all may participate in the Maths Challenge. Students can work on their maths from school or home on any device, including iPads. It’s open to any class from any school anywhere in Australia.

Winners announced

The winning schools will automatically display on the Leaderboard on the Sunday following the challenge week. Their achievement will also be preserved in perpetuity by posting in the Maths Invaders blog.

A commitment to research

Maths Invaders research & development

With Maths Invaders the key research focus has been student progress. This is especially important with the introduction of automated Adaptive Learning. This allows students to learn at their own level no matter where they sit on the bell curve. By providing each student with their own personal lesson, it was anticipated that they would improve at a greater rate than usual. Longitudinal data analysis shows that this is in fact the outcome.

Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders
Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders

Adaptive Learning boosts maths ability​

After close monitoring of students’ results in Maths Invaders’ automated Adaptive Learning we found some amazing results. Students were regularly boosting their maths age by an entire year in the span of a term! Not only was their knowledge increasing at a dramatic rate, but their accuracy was staying at almost the same levels as when they started. This proved that the students were retaining the information and using maths facts fluency, the backbone of Maths Invaders. The full research report looks further into the specifics of how to increase the likelihood of this speed in growth and how it plays out over time.

How the Weekly Leaderboards Work

Motivation and Engagement

The Maths InvadersLeaderboards are designed to boost student motivation and engagement by giving dynamic feedback to the class. They create an opportunity for students in a class to work together.

How The Weekly Leaderboards Work

Age Brackets

To ensure the fairest competition between classes, the leaderboard defaults to show results grouped by age brackets.

If you cannot see your class in the leaderboard check the leaderboard hints.

Improvement On Last Week Rank

Drill Down By Country and State

Use the icons at the top of the Leaderboard to drill down by Country and State.

Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders
Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders
Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders
Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders
Maths Invaders » Maths Invaders

View Previous Winners in the Leaderboard History

Click the Calendar icon to view the Leaderboard results for all classes including your own from last week and previous weeks.

Leaderboard Time Periods

The Leaderboards are re-calculated each week at midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney). Each answer is recorded in real time and feeds into this calculation.

See The Results For Your School Only

When logged in students can view the results for all active classes at their school including their own. This makes it easy for you to have in-school competitions.

If Leaderboards Are Not For Your School

Some schools may prefer that classes from their school are not displayed on the Leaderboard. If this is the case, the school administrator can simply uncheck the “Participate in competition” option on the My School screen of the School Administration menu. Please note we cannot remove results retrospectively.

I can't See My Class or Don't See The Expected Results

Only classes where the teacher or school administrator has set the age level of the class will be shown on the age-based leaderboard. This can be set using the “Edit Class Details” button on the class management screen. If you have not already done so, please ensure your classes have the correct ages now.

We employ standard deviation filters to ensure that results that are atypical for a student are discounted and not used for the calculation of class results. This methodology assumes that each student will build their skills in a progressive manner and guards against the possibility of others with higher skills speeds artificially inflating a student’s result by working in their account.

Classes with significantly more or less students than typical classes are not displayed in the Leaderboard.
Inactive classes, in which none or only a small number of students have completed questions during the week, will not be displayed on the Leaderboard.

The Maths Challenge (Coming Soon)

The Maths Invaders Maths Challenge operates using a designated week in the Leaderboard calendar and awarding special recognition to the top achieving schools.