Richmond Primary School Blitzes Maths Skills

Graham East with Richmond Primary School winnersMrs Tertipis’ Year 5/6 class from Richmond Primary SA completed 91,328 Maths Invaders questions during the Maths Invaders Online Maths Competition. This is a massive result. On average the 32 students in the class completed around 2,850 maths questions each. Graham East, the CEO of EdAlive, happened to be in Adelaide SA at the time and was able to organise a quick visit to the school to congratulate the students on their stellar performance. Graham reports that, “The students were so incredibly focused. I’ve never seen anything like it! They were obviously a hyper-competitive group and were keen to share their strategies for getting so much maths done in a week. Many of the students enthusiastically attributed a rapid growth in maths confidence to their work in Maths Invaders.”

The school recently published some quotes from some of the students in their weekly newsletter. Amullya said, “I love maths and Maths Invaders is a great way to help me answer questions faster. So – for whatever I become in the future it will help me!” Aarush said, ”I don’t really like maths but Maths Invaders made me confident that I can answer questions quickly when I grow up.” The class was the clear overall winner of the Maths Invaders Online Term 4 Maths Challenge.

Maths Invaders Leaderboard

Maths Invaders Online has been designed to be highly engaging and to motivate students to complete large numbers of maths questions in a session. We are currently working on a statistical analysis of results which we will share in detail in 2020. Initial indications are that students who use Maths Invaders regularly will make rapid progress with gains in computational maths for some students exceeding 12 months in maths age in as little as 3 months.

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