Students reach speeds of over 45 WPM

Chart45 WPM for students is readily attainable

Students using Typing Tournament are reaching speeds of 45 words per minute (WPM) by the time they finish primary school. This level of typing speed sets them up for success in their careers and gives them a massive advantage over those who two-finger type or hunt-and-peck as it is sometimes described. Data shows that regardless of the level at which students begin learning to type, they will progress by 6 WPM if they use the programme for around half an hour per week for a full school term. This equates to an average increase of 24 WPM for primary students in just one year.

An annual increase of 24 WPM over the six years of primary school could result in a speed at the end of school around the 120 WPM mark. This however is not the case as students have other commitments in their learning journey which prevent such consistent progress. There are also physical limits to some children’s motor skills that come into play. Term breaks and exam weeks are also events that can prevent practice in the school environment. When students have a break from consistent practice their ability will drop and some of that muscle memory will lapse.

Build speed at school and at home

One great thing about Typing Tournament is that students can access the programme at home and continue their progression if they desire. Typing Tournament is accessible on any device – even mobile phones, although we don’t suggest that to be an appropriate method of developing accurate and fast keyboarding skills!

The advantages of high speed accurate typing

Students who achieve high touch typing speeds, in line with ACARA guidelines, have a significant advantage in online tests where fluency of typing allows them to think clearly while producing text and gives them more time to review and improve their responses to questions. This advantage is also readily observable in essay and assignment writing. Once someone is able to type at 60 WPM the flow of thought while looking at the screen and producing text is uninterrupted. This produces better quality prose and better results in less time. Life is busy and time saved improves mental health and quality of life. Typing Tournament is a means of developing the essential life skill of touch-typing for everybody.

Typing Tournament is making a difference

Typing Tournament is engaging and effective for all ages and levels of ability. Your typing will improve along with your confidence in technology. Being able to complete onscreen tasks more efficiently will reduce stress levels and increase your productivity and value in the workplace. Learn to type today – with Typing Tournament it’s easier and more fun than you may expect.

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