Home Safety for Kids

Home Safety Measures while Homeschooling

With many uncertainties surrounding the Global Pandemic, parents are skeptical about sending their children back into schools for the next session. Homeschooling is a perfect alternative for your child(ren) to still get the necessary education they need. Learning in a familiar environment with an up-to-date curriculum is one of the merits your child gets while homeschooling.

Homeschooling undoubtedly has its pros and cons. For it to be effective, certain safety measures have to be put in place by parents. Parents need to be cautious of the tools and equipment they keep around while children are homeschooling. All hazardous equipment needs to be locked out of the reach of children.

This article is a guide for parents on the necessary precautions they need to take for the safety of their children; giving them a comfortable homeschooling experience.


First Aid Kit Must be Available.

The first step to safety is to make sure safety kits are available. Every parent must keep a First Aid box at home while their children homeschool. Also, parents need to make sure all necessary equipment in the First Aid box is sterilized and kept out of the reach of the children at all times. Parents are also advised to be CPR certified in case something happens. A certified CPR tutor could also be hired to help get the job done. With a First Aid box available, basic injuries can be catered to immediately.

Preventing Scalds and Burns

Parents need to prevent their children from getting burns and scalds from hot surfaces. Microwaves, hot plates, and ovens should be regulated strictly by parents while the kids are home. The temperature of food and drink served to children while they homeschool needs to be monitored. Hot food and drinks could instantly burn the tongues of children. Even for an adult, that is considered a major accident. Hair straighteners and electric irons should also be kept to cool off before they are stored.

Keep Poisonous Substances Away

Cases of children swallowing poisonous substances are reported regularly. Chemicals and medicines are the leading cause of poison to children. As a parent, you should keep all medications out of the reach of your ward. Don’t just drop any medication beside your bed. Make a conscious effort to conceal them from the kids. It is better to take medications when your children are not around the vicinity so they don’t try to imitate you when you are not around. For children under the age of five, all toys or play objects should be monitored so the children don’t swallow or choke on them. When using water heaters or stoves, children should be kept at a distance from these appliances because Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that builds up when these appliances are used. It is poisonous smoke because it has no smell, taste, or color.

When it comes to washing chemicals; all dishwashing soaps and detergents should be kept in their original packs so children don’t mistake them for food/drink. Finally, leftover medicines should be taken back to the chemist instead of kept lying around the house.

Poisons Information Centre number is 131 126. Each parent should have this number in case of poisoning is suspected.

Electrical And Fire Safety Precautions.

By law, every residence in Australia should have a fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, and proper electrical fittings. Naked and burnt wires need to be properly attended to no matter the location in the residence. An electrician needs to regularly come around to properly inspect the electrical fittings in your home. All worn-out cables should be cut and replaced.

The best way to teach your children about fire accidents is to teach them the dangers of getting too close to it. Candles, lighters, and matchboxes should be kept away from the reach of children. Most times, fire accidents happen in the kitchen or at barbecue spots. Children should be taught to be cautious in these zones. Parents should never leave their children alone in the kitchen when they’re cooking. child-proof fireguards should be kept in front of open fires and heaters so children don’t trip/ fall into them carelessly.

Why Should You Have a Surveillance Camera Installed

One thing is for you as a parent to provide an atmosphere where your children can assimilate while homeschooling, another thing is for the children to get involved in their school work. While you go to work every day, you carry the mindset that the children are studying back at home. However, this might not be the case. The only way for you to actually monitor them is through the use of surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras help you keep track of their day-to-day schoolwork while you can freely go about your work. It makes your job easier and makes the children comport themselves while homeschooling.

Apart from watching over your kids, these are other reasons why you should have a surveillance  camera in your home;

●      See who is visiting your home

●     Track your nannies or technicians

●     Monitor your pets or children

●     Prevent potential break-ins

●     Get peace of mind when traveling

●     Watch other properties while away

We advise you to consider getting a home security camera. Most systems work from an app that you can download to your phone. For a comprehensive list of the best home security apps for 2021, check out this guide produced by globally trusted locksmith company, Locksmithspros. So while you keep to the safety measures, it is important you keep an eye on your children’s homeschooling activities as well.

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