Maths Invaders at Templeton Primary School

Aidan Schanssema, Director of Teaching – Numeracy, from Templeton Primary School gives insight into the use of Maths Invaders by Year 2 classes at the school at the school.

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An analysis of the progress made by Year 2 students at Templeton Primary School

With the support of Aidan Schanssema, Director of Teaching – Numeracy at Templeton Primary School EdAlive undertook an analysis of the use of Maths Invaders by the four Year 2 classes at the school.

The extraordinary results indicate that the students made significant improvements in their maths age and answer speed. Read the research

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Graham East – Managing Director – EdAlive.

How is Maths Invaders is used at the school?

Maths Invaders started in our Year 2 group as a pilot to trial its benefits on our students developing stronger recall and knowledge around key number facts. This included their ability to mentally calculate numbers using all four operations. Whilst speed was not the ultimate factor, we wanted to improve the automaticity of simple number facts and problems to help benefit other strand and sub-strand maths concepts.

Students across our four Year 2 classes used the program on average between 3-4 times per week for around 20-30 mins. Timetabled and scheduled use was important and the students quickly became independent in logging in and getting under way in their campaign.

How do the kids and teachers work with MI?

Teachers at Templeton are always willing to try new things and see benefit in student performance. After sharing what we felt would benefit student performance by engaging with the program, teachers immediately learnt the program and how to get the most out of it for students. By allocating key times into weekly planners prioritised its use. Students instantly loved the program! They enjoyed the game element to it and after initially starting, they could see how they were going to be challenged by its increasing levels and difficulty to recall facts.

How does MI figure in your NAPLAN strategy?

The school has always been a high performing school for some time. Under the guidance of our Principal, Rod McKinlay, we have put a real emphasis on being a school that is in the top 5% in the State to being in the top 20 Government schools. Our 2023 NAPLAN results meant that our 3 year trend placed us 9th in the Government Schools and 22nd overall in the State. An incredible achievement. We have placed lots of emphasis on our teaching instructional model and creating high quality and consistent teaching in every classroom.

A large proportion of our families are of Asian or Indian backgrounds. We have very high expectations from our families to deliver a strong and viable curriculum to their children. We pride ourselves on how we perform and our professionalism as a staff. Maths Invaders has been a meaningful way to engage our students by improving a key fundamental to bridging many maths skills within the curriculum. Its fun, game based set up had engaged our students and we look forward to seeing continued growth as we expand it further into other year levels in the future.

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Aidan Schanssema - Director of Teaching - Numeracy