Maths Invaders Scientific Research Findings

Research demonstrates that the consistent use of Maths Invaders significantly boosts students’ answer speed (confidence) and attainment (maths age) at a rate well above normal classroom progress. The boost occurs when Maths Invaders is in regular use for one or two sessions per week with a sustained, steady rate of increase over time. The benefits hold true for students of all abilities and across a range of ages. Also demonstrated is a close correlation between speed and attainment in Maths Invaders and NAPLAN Maths results. We therefore conclude that the regular use of Maths Invaders will boost mathematical speed and attainment right across a school population and that these increases will be reflected in a school’s NAPLAN Maths results.  

Maths Invaders has been designed from the ground up to build speed, automaticity, mental maths agility and maths attainment for students from the age of 5 to 15. Its design uses the educational principle of spacing (reinforcing a concept through repetition at intervals) to practice new content and then to revise and reinforce the learning rather than massing (learning a concept in a single effort, for as long as it takes) where focus is on a single concept before progression to the next. Our extensive market research indicates that Maths Invaders is unique in this approach. This market research also indicates that Maths Invaders is the only online learning system to measure and report student attainment in terms of maths speed as well as attainment. This unique ability to measure speed has enabled Maths Invaders to incorporate speed-based class leaderboards. 

As students progress using Maths Invaders, they become fluent through instant recall of maths facts and processes, thus reducing their cognitive load for base level mathematical functions and freeing cognitive capacity (working memory) to engage with next-level mathematical concepts. Maths Invaders is unique in that the adaptive learning system seamlessly and automatically creates individualised learning pathways that account for both speed and attainment for all, with little to no teacher input. 

Key findings of the EdAlive research into Maths Invaders

1. Boost Maths Age by 12 Months in just one term!

1.1.1. Weekly sessions for just one term

2. Results hold true regardless of age or ability 
3. Little input required from teachers
3.2.1. Automated Adaptive Learning is strongly suggested as the key driver of this progress

4. Double maths fact recall speed in just one term 

5. Boosting automaticity is critical in boosting maths skills

6. Using Learning Theory to help our students

6.1.1. Automaticity is a key to learning

6.1.2. Revision is key to consolidation, speed/confidence, automaticity

6.1.3. Individualised revision is far superior

6.1.4. Spacing rather than massing

6.1.5 The same learning theory is applied to the EdAlive websites

7. Active engagement promotes learning (i.e. game play)

8.1. Summary statement? Announcement, not research.

9.1. Summary statement?

9.1.1. Speed is correlated to NAPLAN

9.1.2. Wide variation exists in speed (due to teaching methods)

9.1.3. Small systematic difference in speed by age

9.1.4. Speed as a measure of confidence > wide range of benefits

9.1.5. Speed not available from any other product

10.1. Summary statement?

10.1.1. Case study: class progressions over 3 terms in speed and AL (regular use)

10.2.2. 1-2 answers/min per term, total 3-6 answers/min over 3 terms

10.1.3. Typical AL progress at the same time

10.1.4 No indication of reaching a plateau

10.1.5 Occasional use: little change in speed (from other forms of learning)

10.1.6 Speed as a measure of confidence > wide range of benefits