Eyes on the dial: Maths Invaders launches real-time Class Speeds 

Eyes on the dial: Maths Invaders launches real-time Class Speeds

A recent innovation at EdAlive offers teachers the ability to monitor their class for confidence in their maths work, through answer speed in arithmetic.

At EdAlive we have examined many maths tuition products and none to date measures answer speed. The Maths Invaders Class Answer Speed Leaderboard now shows class answer speed averages on a progressive weekly basis for work completed in the Maths Invaders Adaptive Learning mode. This allows teachers and their students real-time feedback on changes in class speed.

For the first time this innovative ability for Maths Invaders to monitor answer speed unlocks the interesting possibility of teachers being able to assess track changes both answer speed and attainment level, both essential contributors to advancement in mathematics.

Adaptive learning makes it all possible

The Maths Invaders adaptive learning system builds speed and attainment concurrently for each student and thus builds the gift of confidence, essential to visualising and realising students’ potential in maths. When students complete their adaptive learning work within the Space Rescue game, it also creates a fun and competitive environment. Using the Answer Speed Leaderboard teachers and students can track the increase in class answer speed for the week to date and week-by-week, further engaging and motivating students.

Maths Invaders adaptive learning is the perfect tool for revision. The adaptive learning system automatically and continuously calibrates work to each student’s ability – the perfect mix of reinforcement and challenge. This level of work is highly engaging for the student, another boost to active learning. By contrast, manually setting such work would be a mammoth task.

Eyes on the dial: Maths Invaders launches real-time Class Speeds  » Maths Invaders Celebrates 5 Years of Making Math Fun!

It’s not just what they know but how well they know it that matters!

Now for the first time, using this new ability of Maths Invaders to track answer speed, EdAlive can show conclusively that performance in mathematics is not merely a product of what students know, but how well they know it – and the correlated level of confidence in their knowledge – as shown, for example, through recall speed. When confronted with a question (say, 7 x 8), a confident student goes straight to the answer – the knowledge has been reinforced and can be recalled automatically. A less-confident student may also have the answer available by rapid recall, but then may have doubts and use an internal checking process before giving the answer.

We have previously made the case, from a very wide range of scholarship, that revision of mathematical knowledge is essential to solidifying learning and for achieving automaticity in recall, which is a vital step for progressing to higher level maths concepts. Read the research. Furthermore, the literature shows that, in most cases of students struggling to keep up with the maths content being taught in class – the cause can be traced back to some earlier concept that has not been sufficiently solidified in the student’s mind.

This matters most when the class is ready to move on to the next-level maths concept. When the basics have become automatic, working memory is freed for the current challenge. If working memory is still required for arithmetic, it can quickly become overwhelmed. The student may struggle valiantly but see little reward. This is the basis for all maths revision.

Improve both speed and attainment for all

We have also shown that Maths Invaders is an invaluable tool for improving students’ attainment level. Boost maths age by 12 months in just one term and their answer speed Double maths fact recall in just one term. Through its adaptive learning approach, each student is presented with precisely the material most valuable for their revision – the perfect balance of consolidation and extension, creating confidence and extending understanding, while avoiding boredom or overload. Maths Invaders adaptive learning has the power to extend capable students and also to boost students who are struggling or are at risk of falling behind. Indeed, this is one of very few means by which a struggling student can plausibly regain ground on their peers – short of expensive individual tuition

How the answer speed is calculated

To calculate answer speed, answer time is averaged for correct 2-character answers (to control for typing time), measured in milliseconds. Only work completed in adaptive learning mode is included. This average is then converted to answers per minute. 

Eyes on the dial: Maths Invaders launches real-time Class Speeds  » Maths Invaders Celebrates 5 Years of Making Math Fun!

How to locate your class on the Answer Speed Leaderboard

Class speeds are shown on the weekly Maths Invaders Answer Speed Leaderboard. The Leaderboard is accessible from the Main Screen of Maths Invaders and from the Teachers “Name Menu” in School Admin. To view the results, click “Show All Results”, then select category “Speed”. Select an age range to see a complete list of classes. Classes will appear unless your EdAlive Administrator has opted out of “Participate in competitions” on the Manage School page. Also make sure you have given the year level for your class in Manage Classes, or uncheck the Group By/Age Brackets button to show all classes in a single list. The answer speed result for your class will be shown in the Leaderboard.

Classes must exceed a minimum size and have a minimum proportion of students active in the current week – make sure to remove students who are no longer in the class. Details are updated every hour. The week resets each Sunday morning, and you can look back at past weeks.

How to view the progress of your class’s Answer Speed over time

Once you have located your class in the Leaderboard, click it and a graph will appear showing the week-by-week change in answer speed over time as well as the leaderboard ranking  

About Maths Invaders

Maths Invaders comprehensively covers the mathematics curriculum for simple arithmetic, times tables and number facts. It has content rated up to Year 10 level, but it does not attempt to cover the full curriculum at these higher levels – which goes further and further beyond arithmetic. However, achieving solid results in the basics is no less important for more advanced students – it is the essential foundation.

Eyes on the dial: Maths Invaders launches real-time Class Speeds  » Maths Invaders Celebrates 5 Years of Making Math Fun!
Dr Lindsay Brash
Maths Invaders