Emmaville Kids Love Maths Invaders Online

Emmaville Central School – Friday 24th August 2018

Thanks to Ms Alicia Cubis from Emmaville Central School and the enthusiastic group of children who hosted our Managing Director, Graham East, for a Maths Invaders Online session last week.

Graham is constantly visiting schools to learn more about the way kids use Maths Invaders Online. Every time he visits a classroom he learns a little more about the way kids learn and interact with the system. This constant feedback informs the ongoing changes to Maths Invaders Online. Little wonder that Maths Invaders Online is already one of the most powerful maths teaching tools there is.

This group of children was totally captivated by Maths Invaders Online. One child was so in the zone that he almost missed the bus home! Maths Invaders Online easily accommodated the diverse range of maths needs in the group. As a result of the observations taken on the day Graham concluded that we needed a better way to channel students to work at their own level on first use.

Thanks again for your enthusiastic support.

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