Colour by Numbers with Maths Invaders Online!

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Maths Invaders Online features the option to print out “Defender Level Awards”.

Defender Level Awards are fun characters that are milestone markers for how many questions a student has answered.

All “Defender Level Awards” unlocked by a student have the option of being printed as colouring -in sheets. These characters can be downloaded and printed off and make for a colourful activity for students to do and can be used to decorate your classroom.

By simply nominating a couple of “answers” and a key with equations and colours, you can quickly and easily turn these colouring in sheets into even more maths practice!

Using this setup , in order to colour in the character correctly, students will have to solve a corresponding equation and match to a colour. Not only does this motivate students to answer maths questions but by thematically connecting the solutions to colours children can be introduced to some of the basic ideas of algebra (like the use of abstractions to represent numerical values).

Here you can see an example which one of our EdAlive staff mocked up. The equations in the key correspond to different colours and the answers in the picture indicate which section should be coloured in that colour.

Colouring competition winner
Colouring by Yui Dasey

Extension Activity:

For the more advanced students, try introducing some actual algebra by using colours as number substitutions, and when your students have finished colouring in their worksheets, ask them some guiding questions like “How did you solve the questions?” or “How much would I get if I added Red and Green together?”. By connecting these mathematical themes to real, visual information, students will be able to conceptualise these problems with more ease than simply working in abstract mathematics.

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