Kids’ Drought Relief Typing Challenge

Drought Relief Typing Challenge

Kids learn to touch type and help drought affected families at the same time!

Many kids across Australia will be raising funds for drought relief by participating in the Term 3 Typing Tournament Online Typing Challenge. It’s free to participate and available to all schools right across Australia.

Participation is easy. Schools either use their existing Typing Tournament Online subscription or sign up for a FREE Trial.

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The Drought Relief Typing Challenge is so simple to run and so much fun for the students. To get started all schools need to do is to use their existing subscription or start a trial. EdAlive will extend all new trials right through to the end of term giving complimentary access to all.

Drought Relief Typing Challenge CertificateParticipating schools print the special Drought Relief Typing Challenge Sponsorship form and students fill their copy with sponsorships from family and friends. During the week of the 9th to the 16th September students type as many words as they can. When finished they go back to their sponsors and collect the monies raised. The school then donates the money to the drought relief charity of their choice.

In this digital age it is vital that students learn to be efficient typists instead of spending a lifetime hunting and pecking around the keyboard. Students who learn to type are more confident when writing and can complete their work faster. Typing Tournament Online, is used in thousands of Australian schools and by over 180,000 students. There are over 1,000,000 words typed every day as students learn this critical skill. We are excited to know that so many will be able to work together to raise funds for families from drought ravaged communities.

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