Rocky River Public School - 23rd June 2021

Rocky River Public School 1
Rocky River Public School - near Armidale

Rocky River Public School is located in a small rural hamlet close to Armidale, the home or EdAlive. Brad Hunt the Principal of the school has been a long term user of EdAlive websites across a range of small schools located in the Armidale area. His feedback has been very helpful over the years.

On this visit the focus was primarily on the impact of the new “Pacer” within the Typing Tournament Level Tests. Initially the students didn’t seem to have noticed the the recent release and related changes but on closer questioning it was clear that it had had a big impact. Predominantly the students appreciated the change and indicated that it gave them a better sense of progress. There was, however, a significant number who found the new colours and highlights associated with the Pacer quite distracting. The students engaged well with a discussion of possible changes.

Thanks to Brad Hunt and the wonderful students of Rocky River Public School.