EdAlive CD-based Software “End of Life”

EdAlive CD and installable software is “End of Life”

We last updated our famous EdAlive software titles back in 2010 when Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6 were around. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of students have used this software on their school servers and networks including titles like BRAINtastic, Baggin’ the Dragon, Volcanic Panic and many others. Now, 12 years later. both Apple and Microsoft have ceased support for these old operating systems and so must we! We cannot provide ongoing technical support to school licence holders of these titles when the underlying operating systems are no longer supported.

EdAlive - New Life

But this is not the end of the story!

The incredible educational power and engaging fun of many of our CD titles has been migrated to our new EdAlive Central online learning ecosystem. The EdAlive Central websites preserve all that was great about our CD titles and add a host of powerful new enhancements including automated adaptive learning, curriculum correlations and much more.  EdAlive Central is new life springing from the strength of the past.

Your recommended migration path.

Whilst your licence to use the software will never expire, the ability for your new operating systems to run older software cannot be guaranteed. It may operate on your systems at the moment, but the day may not be far off when an operating system upgrade will cause it to fail. We strongly suggest that you migrate your students from the old CD/network versions to the new online versions with all their upgraded capacity as soon as you are able.

Your next step

The EdAlive Software to EdAlive Central Migration Pathway will guide you regarding the best choices for your titles.

The Comparison chart contrasts the capabilities of the now online websites with the old CD/installable titles.

To discuss the option that works best for your school please contact us.

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