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The Critical Place Of Touch Typing In Literacy

Catherine Oelhman – Literacy Teacher 18th October 2017. Catherine Oelhman: Literacy Teacher – Gifted and Talented Programme – St George Christian School, Sutherland, NSW, Australia. Graham

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SACE Electronic Exam and typing

A new online exam for South Australian students The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is a modern, internationally-recognised secondary school qualification designed to equip

HSC Touch Typing for Life Skills
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NSW HSC Requirements Depend on Typing

The new NSW HSC requirements coming into effect in 2020 require Touch Typing as an educational skill and also as a life skill. As of

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Maths is Fun with Galactic Campaign!

Ever been doing your maths homework and wondered “how could anyone think Maths is fun?”  Well you’re not alone, but with Galactic Campaign from Maths Invaders

Springfield Central SS DSC
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ACARA Literacy Progressions And Typing

In 2018 ACARA defined new Achievement Standards within the Literacy Progression as part of the Australian Curriculum. The Standards relate to the Writing Element and specifically

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Maths Invaders Online : New Enhancements

The new Maths Invaders Online is built on the rich, multi-award-winning pedigree of the original Ultimate Maths Invaders CD Edition. It has been substantially upgraded

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Keyboarding and Typing Tasmania (Tas)

Keyboarding and Typing Tasmania (Tas) Schools in Tasmania (Tas) follow the Australian Curriculum. The typing related content descriptors and elaborations of the Australian Curriculum focus mostly