NSW HSC Requirements Depend on Typing

The new NSW HSC requirements coming into effect in 2020 require Touch Typing as an educational skill and also as a life skill. As of next year, students who did not achieve a Band 8 or higher in their Year 9 Naplan will need to sit a selection of Minimum Standard Online Test (MSOT). From 2021 onwards, this requirement will be for every HSC student.

What is the Minimum Standard Online Test?

The Minimum Standard Online Test is comprised of three sections being reading, writing and numeracy. Students who achieve a Level 3-4 in all three sections can then receive their HSC certificate. Students who cannot achieve this goal however will still receive their Record of Student Achievement (ROSA). The goal of these tests is to make sure students have the ability to achieve basic life skills such as:

  • follow safety instructions in equipment manuals
  • understand a mobile phone plan
  • write a job application
  • create a personal weekly budget.

(Sourced from NSW Education Standards Authority)

Where does Touch Typing Come in?

Touch typing is needed to complete the writing component of the MSOT. In this section students will Working hard at typing and having funneed to type a 500 word answer in 45 minutes. This short response section follows the growing trend of adding touch typing as a component of Australian Education. Between the implementation of Naplan Online and the changes to ACARA earlier this year, touch typing should be regularly practiced through to the end of Stage 5 (Years 9 – 10).

Now with the addition of the MSOT as a HSC requirement, the skill of touch typing is needed not only for students’ education but as a necessary life skill. This ongoing push towards touch typing reflects the fact that  50% of the current workforce needs skills in technology  and that this percentage will only increase in time.

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