Cool Math Game In Maths Invaders Online!

Ever wanted to play some cool maths games with your friends and didn’t know where to start? Well look no further because Maths Invaders Online has it all! Maths Invaders Online is the cool new educational program created by EdAlive. Set in space, you are a space defender who has to help save the galaxy from the invading maths questions. You do this in two different parts of the game; Galactic Campaign and Space Rescue.

Cool Math Game – Galactic Campaign

Galactic-Campaign-with-CharacterThe Galactic Campaign is the story mode of Maths Invaders Online. It is a really cool math game. Help save the planets by shooting down the maths questions and gain stars to prove your mastery! With 10 different zones ranging from grade one to grade ten totalling 128 levels there is plenty to be done. As you gain stars for completing levels you can choose to go up a level or try the faster speed. Complete all three speeds and gain all three stars to declare your mastery over a step! Compete with your friends to see who can get the most stars and save the most planets in this cool maths game!

Space Rescue – Great game

In Space rescue you can compete with up to three of your friends or computers to rescue the stranded space ships. During each turn you scan a square to look for the space ships and gain points for each part you find! To recharge your scanner just answer the maths question so you can find the most ships and beat your friends. With both a basic and advanced mode, you get to choose how quick the game will be. In basic mode just scan and recharge to win the game. In advanced mode you will need to purchase different gadgets using your points to help scan more areas or block your friends from doing the same. The person with the most points at the end wins the game! It really is a cool math game.

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