Save the day with Space Rescue!

In late 2018, EdAlive premiered our new multiplayer maths game Space Rescue. This game has students verse each other and/or computers to locate spaceships.  Set on a grid, students complete Space rescue home pagemaths questions at their adapted level and select a tile it to find ship parts. Be careful though as finding one part means the rest of the players will know to search that area. It’s a race against time and your friends to locate as many ships first and come out on top!

Space rescue is a part of the much larger program Maths Invaders Online, made for maths facts fluency. Paired with the Galactic Campaign, you can play Space Rescue with anyone no matter their skill level as the maths questions are set for you thanks to our Automated Adaptive Learning. This ensures an even playing field where a five year old has just as much chance as winning as a fifteen year old!

Space Rescue is fun, engaging and highly motivational!

Features of Space Rescue

  • Up to 4 players can play against each other and/or the computer
  • Each student plays at their optimal maths level, giving them just the right challenge
  • Highly interactive. It’s not just a race to the finish line. Students engage directly with each other through the dynamic game play. Their actions directly affect the options of other players. It’s a massive motivation booster.
  • Uses our Automated Adaptive Learning to give students questions at their own personal level. This also ensures each child has the same chance of winning regardless of age or mathematical ability.
  • Uses the latest in real-time web communication technology to minimise lag and create a secure and responsive game environment
  • Features both basic and advanced mode for two different experiences

Space Rescue will always ensure your students are properly challenged! The adaptive learning system increases your students’ level with their continuous success and scales the level down when students encounter too much difficulty. You can also see the results of your students/children through the tools and reports found on EdAlive Central.

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