Maths Invaders Builds Maths Fluency

It’s fun, flexible and focused on quickly and painlessly developing maths fluency and recall of essential math facts from times tables to square roots and beyond!

Save the planet from waves of descending maths questions!


From a home-school perspective Maths Invaders Online is a great tool to get your kids up to speed with their maths fluency. The program is innovative with a comprehensive maths data base presented in a fun way. It has a great reporting system so you can monitor your child’s progress. The curriculum correlation ability of the program means you don’t need to be worried about your child falling behind in their Maths.

The parent/teacher management system is easy to use allowing parents and teachers to devise an individual learning plan for their child/student due to its adaptive learning system. Once they finish their set content the program automatically allows them to choose their own content. This allows them to continue on from where they left off in the program.

The Space Rescue Game

The Space Rescue Game is an innovative addition to Maths Invaders Online. A multiplayer game that can give children/students a break from the intensity of the rapid fire computational maths of the invader game. Therefore they don’t suffer with program fatigue and it gives them a completely different platform in which to develop their math skills.

Content Selection

The content selection tool is a great addition and enables parents/teachers to set their children/students up with remedial work. This practice mode allows them to accrue Maths Tutor points whilst advancing through the Defender levels. This helps to keep them engaged and working hard.

Galactic Campaign

The Galactic Campaign, the heart of the program allows students/children to move through zones in a galaxy. Most importantly the story mode introduces them to the invaders game and allows them to attempt questions at each step. There are three difficulty levels. This means they can do the whole campaign on the easiest setting first and then work up to the mastery level.

Features of  Maths Invaders Online include:

  • Improved levels of Maths Fluency
  • Rapid-fire Tables and Number Facts
  • Builds comprehensive rapid-fire maths power
  • Essential numeracy skills for your child’s success
  • Empowers students to achieve mental maths mastery
  • The powerful and effective tables and number facts teaching system

The program can be accessed anywhere using any device and is a great learning tool for ages 5 – 15 yrs.

Maths Invaders on all devices

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