Touch Typing Prepares Children for The Future

Child exploring the global networkTouch Typing is a key skill for today’s world

In a world where 50% of the workforce needs to have skills in technology (World Economic Forum Report ) the base skill of Touch Typing becomes ever more important.

To help provide that necessary building block Typing Tournament Online presents itself as an easy means to achieve that goal. With software that helps teach touch typing from 5 years old with easy to understand lessons which read to you. It also caters to master typists with a maximum goal of 108 words per minute and adjustable speed goals. Typing Tournament Online also helps everyone in-between with easy to follow levels and progressive rewards.

Typing Tournament Online also makes touch typing fun! With 16 levels all with a medieval theme, children are faced with a mixture of lessons and touch typing games. Once a child completes all the levels they will have saved the day and defeated the Dark Typist. If the child also completes every drill and test they will also unlock the secret movie ending!

Providing Correct Ergonomics

While learning how to touch type is important you also need to do it safely so you don’t run the risk of work-related injuries. To help teach the correct ergonomics to these students, Typing Tournament Online provides a handy set of slides with easy to understand pictures on how best to use the computer.

Typing Tournament Online Posture for Touch Typing

Teachers and parents can also print these skills and tricks as posters to place inside your classroom or at home. To find these poster’s you can go here.

Fulfilling Curriculum Requirements with Touch Typing

ACARA also believes that touch typing is an important part of a child’s education. Within the handwriting and keyboarding section of curriculum ACARA lists out a set of goals a student must reach. The end goal is stated as a child demonstrating “automaticity when using keyboarding and screen functions”. The best way to achieve that end goal is through touch typing.

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