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The key to any good resource for home schoolers is usability, accessibility and ease. For students in the school system there is a wide array of options set out for them. For home schoolers, this set of options can sometimes be limited. With Maths Invaders Online we have worked to remove some of those limitations through multiple areas of play and practice. There is also the choice between computer work and physical work through printable worksheets. In addition, with the introduction of parent accounts you can have multiple children set up with ease.

While facts are important, so are the views and thoughts of other home schoolers. Recently we had the Home School Review Crew, an American Home-schooling group, take a look at Maths Invaders Online and share their thoughts on the program. Here is what they had to say about Maths Invaders Online*:

On Maths Invaders Online

Maths Invaders 6X8

Sweeping up Joy shared “Maths Invaders provides excitement and motivation (to help learn maths facts) where regular flash cards or worksheets can’t. I enjoyed being able to select exactly what math facts my kids would see during the course of their game. It’s possible to focus on one skill like multiplication facts, or to include many topics within the same game as a review.”

Training Happy Hearts expressed “I would recommend Maths Invaders Online without hesitation to you if who seek an engaging way to immerse children in mental math and math drills. It is a retro-style video game that can be played online, helping kids exercise and retain math skills. It is truly a program kids can use over and over through many levels of math learning.”

Vintage Blue Suitcase wrote “This program was a big hit in our house and worked well as a supplement to EJ’s regular math curriculum. I’ve found that his mastery has improved as well, especially in the areas we have focussed on practicing. I would recommend this program to families who are looking for something to keep their kids interested and having fun with math.”

Cummins Life exclaimed “Our three children really enjoyed using Maths Invaders Online. They feel that it helps them with their mental math tremendously! I appreciate that it makes then want to learn and practice honing in on their math skills.”

Mommy Octopus ended with “Maths Invaders Online was a hit with my kids. They loved having the challenges. It starts off easy and they build confidence as they work on harder topics. This definitely helps to lay a firm foundation for math facts.”

Further Information

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*(Quotes have been edited for clarity and context)

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