Adding Typing to your Home-schooling Schedule

When deciding what to put in your home-schooling schedule, many parents look to other home schoolers for advice. “Does it work with more than one child” or “Does it fit the curriculum?Homeschooling Family Using Computer for Typing are some of the questions I heard my own mother ask when home-schooling my siblings and me. To help with those questions we had the Home School Review Crew, an American Home-schooling group, check out two of our titles on EdAlive Central. One of these was Typing Tournament Online, our revolutionary touch typing program. Here is what they had to share*:

On Typing Tournament Online

Early Learning Mom shared “My son and I both enjoyed this Typing Tournament Online. It helped turn something that many kids may find boring, into a fun challenge. My son can be loudly opinionated if he’d rather not do something. With Typing Tournament Online, I have never had any objections from him when asked to practice his typing all by himself. I really feel that Typing Tournament Online will help prepare him for high school.”

KGB That’s Me exclaimed “Typing Tournament Online is an excellent training program for learning how to touch type. I think it’s a great program, even for adults!”

4 one More stated “Back in the day when I was in high school learning to type, it was very dry, boring, and business-oriented. Now that typing skills are being taught at younger ages, our kids are drawn to more imaginative and entertaining methods. This is where Typing Tournament Online shines.”

Bless their Hearts Mom wrote that “Something that I really loved seeing, was how it helped Miss Grace build kinetic memory through their fun Home Row and Vertical Key Path exercises. Being dyslexic, it was really helpful for her to have the color coded keyboard and the visual prompts, like the animated demonstrations for correct finger placement, and I actually found that the program overall HELPED her spelling skills as well!”

A $5 Charge for Whining expressed “You want to know another wonderful thing I LOVED about Typing Tournament? I was just able to add it to Josiah’s assignment list every day. That was it! I didn’t have to cajole or insist. He was more than happy to sit down and work through the program.”

Further Information

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*(quotes have been edited for clarity and context)

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