Maths is Fun with Galactic Campaign!

Ever been doing your maths homework and wondered “how could anyone think Maths is fun?”  Well you’re not alone, but with Galactic Campaign from Maths Invaders Online you’ll find that maths can be fun. Set in space you need to save the planet from waves of descending maths questions. Only the correct answers will stop them. If you run into the invaders or they get to the bottom of the screen, you’re INVADED!

What is the Galactic Campaign?

The Galactic Campaign is separated into ten different zones, each one reflecting a school year group from Years 1 to 10. Each zone has a series of steps that you need to complete to help save the various Galactic-Campaign-example-where-maths-is-funspace critters from the invading maths questions. To save them you will need to board your spaceship and defeat the maths questions before they hit the bottom of the screen. You can also attempt the bonus maths questions to get maximum points and prove you are the best Space Defender of them all!

Defeat all three waves and you will be awarded a Galactic Campaign Star. From there you can either try again at a faster speed to show off your skills or continue to the next step. As you go through the steps, you will not only collect stars to show your skills, but you will also gain tokens for Space Rescue  and progress towards your Defender Level. With all of these exciting tasks to accomplish you really will find that maths is fun!

Educational Benefits

If you are worried that you’re having way too much fun to be learning, you don’t need to be. The Galactic Campaign levels have been correlated to many curriculums in both Australia and overseas! With 850 different subtopics, Maths Invaders Online offers a lot to learn for anyone. You can take a look at all of this in our Maths Invaders Online Guide along with checking out all of the exciting features of this program.

How fun is Galactic Campaign?

I am not the only one who thinks maths is fun with Maths Invaders Online. Why don’t you look at what other people had to share too!*

Our School Notebook  shared “With Maths Invaders Online the challenge is so much fun that kids don’t realize they are practicing their math facts.”

A Peace of Mind  expressed “Maths Invaders Online is my kids’ favorite! I’ve had all three of my children use this; my boys particularly had a blast! This is such a fabulous way for our kids to practice their math facts and really get to know them.”

*Quotes are from the Home School Review Crew’s Reviews of EdAlive Central.

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