Case Studies and Reviews

Over the years with Maths Ivnaders
Case Studies and Reviews

Growing up with Maths Invaders

Like most kids who grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s, educational software was part of my schooling. With a combination of getting

Case Studies and Reviews

Teaching my kids at home with EdAlive Central

My social media feed has been full of useful learning-from-home resources, photos of children happily being taught by smiling parents and fun stories about alternative

Mrs Days Class wins under s silly faces
Case Studies and Reviews

Visiting winners for the Maths Challenge

In November we visited schools to see how they use Adaptive Learning in Maths Invaders. Adaptive learning tests a child’s abilities in maths and then

Richmond Primary School
Case Studies and Reviews

Richmond Primary School blitzes maths skills

Mrs Tertipis’ Year 5/6 class from Richmond Primary (SA) completed 91,328 Maths Invaders questions during the Maths Invaders Maths Challenge. This is a massive result.

Typing Tournament Year Future Innovators
Case Studies and Reviews

Future Innovators Type to Victory

Meet the Future Innovators The Year 9 Future Innovators class FIN092A (a group of about 20 students) at Kawana Waters State College has been using